If you still owe for soccer, baseball, or basketball action pictures you can still pay here with credit card, send in a check to the address below, call me with credit card number, or PayPal the payment to brandon@caleventphoto.com. If you mail in a check make sure I know which division and team you're on so I know where to look you up (for soccer the team name is the coach's last name; for baseball and basketball use the team name/color I've used on the back of one of the prints).
  You can have the digital files of whatever you bought for free--just mention so in the "Additional Notes" field at the bottom. I'll put them up on my server and send you download instructions.
  If you have any questions or comments just call (323) 316-0758, or email brandon@caleventphoto.com.
Pay to: Brandon Elsey
1149 1/2 S. Highland Ave.
Los Angeles , CA. 90019


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